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“The experience cannot be described in words.”

Amish, they don’t allow telephones into their houses, they have separate booth for telephone outside of their houses. which they only use for emergencies. If they get sick they will rely on home remedies, and if the sickness gets worsen then they will go to hospital and they will pay by cash. Because of the law they have social security numbers, but they will never use it to enjoy any benefits. They will use it only to join church. Keeping or driving cars is not allowed by their community. They get education only till 8th grades. They prefer wisdom over the institutional education. The school teachers have to be single young women, cause once they get married they will dedicate all their time to their families. Women have one option to choose between two. Get married or don’t get married and join the church. Men will shave till they aren’t married, after they get married they will never shave. They will grow beard and shave the moustaches. To the Amish, there are only two kind of people in the world, either Amish or English. If you aren’t an Amish then you are an English no matter which colour or country or culture you belong to. Once the Amish children turn to 16, they can get to experience the English life for one spring. During this one year they can drive, keep cellphones and enjoy all the luxury the world has. After one spring they have to come back and let their family members know what their decision is. Any member is free to leave. A member who has left may even be allowed to return within a short time. A member who leaves permanently will, however, be shunned. Shunning means that the person will forever be considered an outsider — a stranger — and will not be allowed to participate in the community ever again. And the most mesmerising fact is, only 5-10 percent chose to be English. Amish people have average 7 members in a family, so even 5-10 percent chose to be English, their population will be doubled in every 20 years. Amish people do farming or business as the earning source. Each family owns at least 50 acres of lands at least. They don’t rely on anyone except the God. When it comes to crime and punishment, the Amish live by a different set of rules — God’s rules, to be exact. In a community that is largely left to police itself, there are no courts and no set of punishments attached to a given transgression. And no matter what the crime, “if the perpetrator professes repentance before the church community, they are forgiven,” said sociologist Deborah Morse-Kahn, who has studied and written about the Amish. This community has no police, no court. Amish has three languages; German, Pennsylvanian Dutch and English. But they learn English just to communicate with non Amish people. Otherwise they use German or Pennsylvanian Dutch to communicate with their community.