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World Inside Of The World

One  of  the  most  interesting  and  controversial  topics  for  modern  civilization  is  prostitution. Let’s  call  prostitution  as  a  sub-world (world  inside  of  a  world); a  world  with  violence, diseases, rapes, drugs, tears  and  sufferings. A  world  where  very  few  lives  were  able  to  survive  and  were  able  to  make  a  happy  end  of  healthy  and  powerful  life. However, for  many  lives  only  death  can  make  an  end  to  all of  these  sufferings. This  world  should  be  or  should  not  be  legalized— it  is  also  another  great  controversy. Does  legalization  of  this  world  really  can  make  a  big  difference  for  those  people  who  are  having  life  with  all of  these  sufferings? Apparently  not! Legalization  of  prostitution  cannot  bring  any  changes. In  2006  The  Guardian  newspaper  published  an  article on  Nevada’s  legal  brothels. The  name  of  the  article  is  ‘It’s like you sign a contract to be raped’. It  showed  the  sufferings  of  prostitutes  under  legal  brothels. Most  of  the  civilized  countries  try  to  come  up  with  a  solution  by  offering  different  kind  of  methods. But  none  of  them  were  satisfactory. According  to The  New  York  Times

Sweden’s  sex  workers  say  they  are  forced  to  rush  negotiations  and  have  to  rely  more  on  intermediaries  to  access  wary  clients. Prostitution  has  not  gone  away; it’s  simply  gone  underground (Thrupkaew).
Lot  of  NGOs  and  social  workers  are  working  in  prostitution, among  them  very  few  were  able  to  make  a  little  change. That  few  contributions  showed  that  prostitutes  can  be  an  important  part  for  the  society  if  they  get  enough  support  and  facilities  from  the  society  and  from  the  government.

It  is  not  an  uncommon  knowledge  that  the  oldest  profession  of  the  world  is  prostitution. But  the  historical  investigators  hardly  spend  time  to  provide  accurate  knowledge  about  prostitution. According  to The  Canadian  Medical  Association  Journal  We  can  earn  a  little  knowledge  about it  from  the  earliest  human  records, about   4000  B.C. But  there  is  still  some  information  we  can  find  from  comparative  ethnology, where  we  can  learn  about  the  customs  of  primitive  people. From  that  source  we  can  also  find  out, the  advancing  development  of  mankind  brought  the  culture  of  sex  in  earlier  times. That  time  sex  was  considered  as  a  part  of  religious  appeal  and  it  was  practiced  as  a  free  social  life. According  to  This  Journal  the  origin  of  prostitution  is  closely  connected  with  the  rise  of  brothels  and  the  development  of  the  system  of  free  love. Where  only  a  few  certain  girls  offered  themselves  to  the  frequenters  of “house  for  men”. These  few  generally  live  in  selected  domiciles  and  are  paid  for  their  sex  services. The  common  women  also  offered  herself  to  strangers  and  travelers. And  this  information  considered  the  origin  of  the “hospitable prostitute” to  this  Journal.

A  study  of  racial  development  shows  that  prostitution  exists  among  all  aboriginal  peoples  where  sexual  intercourse  is  restricted  or  restrained and  that  is  nothing  more  than  a  new  form  of  the  primitive  mingling  of  the  races. As  Schurtz  says “In  all  places  where  free  love  is separated  from  passions  and  their  satisfaction  prostitution  is  found” (CLARKSON 296). All  of  this  information  is  saying  that  prostitution  had  its  beginning  with  a  religious  custom. A  chronological  study  shows  that  prostitution  assumed  as  an  existing  fact  in  Biblical  history. According  to  Willam W. Sanger  the  Books  of  Moses  admitted  that  prostitutes  were  common  among  the  Jews  in  the  1800 B.C. According  to the  book

When  Tamar, the  daughter  in  law  of  Judah  desired  to  defeat  the  cruel  Jewish  custom  and  to  bear  children  not-withstanding  her  widowhood, she “put  her  widow’s  garments  off  from  her, and  covered  her  with  a  veil, and  wrapped  herself, and  sat  in  an  open  place…. When  Judah  saw  her  he  thought  her  a  harlot, for  she  had  covered  her  face ( Sanger 36).

And  thus we   can  assume  that  prostitutes  with  covered  faces, must  have  been  common  at  the  time. Even  after  that  in  Greece, Egypt, Syria and  Asia  Minor  prostitution  were  practiced  as  a  form  of  religion belief.

Let’s  look  at  the  history  of  prostitution  in Bangladesh. Bangladesh  is  a  poor  country. According  to  The  BBC  news  there  are  14  official  brothels  in  around  the  country. But  in  real  the  number  is huge  including  unofficial  brothels  and  many  residential  hotels. You  can  count  them  as  silent  brothels. There  is  no  accurate  statistics  but  the  number  is  more  than 250.  According  to  experts  this  profession  had  been  started  in  the  Indian  subcontinent  during  the  Mughal  era. The  Mughal  kings  allocated  specific  lands  for  the  sex  workers  and  forced  taxes  on  them  so  that  the  government  could  earn  a  lot  of  remittance. With  the  profits  of  the  business, the  demands  for  prostitutions  gradually  rose. Later, under  the  British  Colonial  period  the  brothels  were  established  together  with  the  important  trade  centers  with  much  importance. Most  of  the  brothels  in  Bangladesh  are  established  150 – 200  years  ago.

The  legal  age  of  prostitution  in  Bangladesh  is  18, but different  surveys  showed  that  many  are  clearly  younger than  that. In  theory  the  women can  walk  out  of  the  brothels  whenever  they want. But  in  practice  that  barely  happens. Life in  brothels  is like  a  prison  for  the  prostitutes, unless  men  found  no  interest  to  have  sex  with  them. According  to BBC  NewsSince  the  men  do  not  pay  much, the  women  need  to  have  many  client  every  day” ( Dummett ). Prostitutes  in  Bangladesh  many  are  underage. Some  of  the  girls  are  runaways  who  leave  home  to  escape  a  bad  situation  or  marriage, and  end  up  with  prostitution  when  they  have  no place  to  go  or  to  escape. Many of  them  have  been  kidnapped  and  sold  to  a  madam  by  a  parent  or  relative. Pakhi, (meaning  bird  in  Bangla) 22  years  old, said-

She  was  working   for  a  brothels  for  two  years. She  was married for  four  years  but  her  husband  was  crazy  so  she  run  away. When she  moved  back  to her  parents  her  uncle  took  her  Dhaka (The  Capital city of Bangladesh) and  told  her  he  was going to  enroll her  a dance school. But  he  sold  her  to  a madam. Now  this  brothel  is  her  family. She  doesn’t  talk  to  her family anymore. Sometimes  she  missed  them, but  she  said  this  is  the  life  for  her. She  said  anything  is  better  than  living  with her  husband (Hagler-geard).


Anyone  can  see  in  everyday  newspaper  that  pornography, child  abuse  rape  and  sex  trafficking  are  the  daily  routine  as  a  form  of  prostitution; but  the  biggest  part  of  life  was  unknown  to  me; and  that  is  prostitutes  are  in  everywhere  going  through  the  same  situation. Most  of  them  have  very  tragic  pasts, in  many  cases  they  were  betrayed  by  their  own  families, husbands, and  boyfriends. Even  in  America  most  of  the  prostitutes  are  cheated  by  the  society. Many  of  them  were  molested  by  their  close  relatives, sometimes  from  their  father. According  to  the  documentary  report of  Peratta TV-

“Traci  Gaines, student, Lancy  college  she  was  molested  by  her  father  when  she  was  13, and  when  she  became  a  prostitute  she  learned  that  there  were  lots  of  women  who  were   also  molested  and  sexually  abused  by  their  father” (Streit).

For  most  of  the  prostitutes  their  profession  is  unknown  to  their  family. Because  they  are  afraid  to  lose  their  family. They  try  to  hide  their  profession  as  long  as  they  can. But  the  reality   is  brutal. Prostitution  cannot  be  hidden  forever. And  when  this  profession  disclosed  to  their  family, their  family  members  start  to  hate  them. For  a  very  few  prostitutes, their  family  accepted  their  profession  because  either  they  have  also  been  in  the  profession  or  because  of  poverty. But  usually  the  situation  is  not  that  easy. Most  of  the  time  the  children  of  prostitutes  become  prostitutes  one  day. Because  the  society  doesn’t  accept  them. The  community  has  never  raised  helping  hand  to  improve  their  situation. And  they  are  ignored  in  everywhere.

Chong  Kim, Executive  director  MASIE  who  was  born  and  raised  in  America. She  was  the  victim  of  sex  trafficking. She  was  abused  in  every  way  from  the  buyer. She  was  on  the  other  end  of  the  life  where  death  cannot  scared  anyone  anymore. She  was  started  getting  abused  when  she  was  7  years  old. She  was  kicked  out  from  her  family. She  had  no  family  support  to  feel  herself  safe. One  day  she  find  out  she  became  a  prostitute  and  she  was  raped. When  she  went  to  the  police  angrily  and  she  wanted  to  claim  that  someone  raped  her, the  police  denied  to  help  her  because  she  is  a  prostitute . She  saw  many  children  in  front  of  her  in  between  the  age  of  7-16  to  get  abused  by  the  same  buyer. According  to  her  words  the  buyer  was  a  board  member  of  United  Way  for Children’s Fund (Streit).

If  we  want  to  talk  about  the  problem  of  sex  workers  we  will  not  be  able  to  make  an  end. In  some  words  they  are  stinking  with  problems  from  every  side. They  don’t  have  government  support  as  well  they  don’t  have  rights  to  live  an  honorable  life. Wherever  they  go  they  get  insulted  and  abused  by  verbally  or  physically. Rape  and  physical  torture  is  the  daily  routine  for  them. If  they  get  raped  they  can’t  ask  for  help  from  the  police  because  the  police  will  say  they  are  prostitutes  and  they  are  selling  sex  anyway. They  don’t  have  right  to  get  justice. In  Bangladesh  doctors  denied  to  give  them  treatment  because  of  their  profession. If  doctors  see  any  symptoms  of  sexual  transmitted  diseases  on  the  body  of  their  children  they  will  not  check  on  those  children. Kolpona (not her real name) says, “when we go to hospital with our children, if  the doctor can identify any sexual transmitted diseases in my child’s body they can understand the child is a child of a sex-worker. Then they avoid giving my child treatment” (Sakhawat). Children  of  prostitutions  do  not  have  any  right  to  get  education. Papri, a  teenagers  who  working  as  a  sex  worker. She  shared  her  harrowing  experience  from  her  life.

I  was  a  meritorious  girl  in  my  class. Every  day  I  went  to  school  and  faced  so  many  teases  from  the  local  people  and  boys, even  sometimes  from  my  teachers. They  refer  to  me  as  a  children  of  prostitute  and  asked  me  my  rate(Sakhawat).

This  is  not  just  the  end. For  every  sex  worker  HIV/AIDS, Syphilis  and  many  other  sexual  transmitted  diseases  are  also  the  daily  routine. Customer  like  desperate  sex  and  prostitutes  have  no  choice  to  say  “no”. “For  prostitutes  condoms  means  the  different  between  life  and  death” (National Geographic). According  to  the  BBC  News, men  in  Bangladesh  like  heavy  and  bulky  women. So  90%  of  prostitutes  in  Bangladesh  take  the  medicine  name  Oradexon  or  Dexamethasone. These  drugs  used  by  farmers  in  Bangladesh  to  fattening  their  cattle  before  taking  them  to  the  market. For  this  reason  these  medicines  are  called  by  the  name  of  “cow  fattening” medicine. This  medicine  makes  prostitutes  big  and  attractive. Also  according  to  the  Charity  Action  Aid, it  can  cause  terrible  health  problems, and  even  result  in  death  if  misused. But  to  maintain  the  market  competition  prostitutes  never  stop  taking  that  drug.

“I  used  to  have  small  breasts  but  they  are  now  bigger  and  my  hips  are  larger  too… demand  for  me  has  risen. I  don’t  worry  about  the  health  risks  because  I  have  a  son. I  take  Oradexon  and  I  have  good  customers  and  I  have  made  quite  a  good  future  for  my  son. If  I  die  because  of  taking  Oradexon  I  won’t  have  any  remorse  because  my  son  is  all  set,” she  says (Dummett).

Sometimes  these  drugs  are  insisted  by  the  madams ( who  run  prostitutions). They  said  underage  girls  take  them  to  become  stronger  and  older  women  to  stay  fit.

If  you  look  at  the  prostitution  in America  you  will  see  the  same  situation. They  are  also  suffering  from  sexual  transmitted  diseases. According  to “ The  Womens  News”

The  world’s  oldest  professions  is  one  of  its  most  dangerous. Prostitutes  are  raped  battered  and  at  risk  for  HIV/AIDS. Now  a  new  study  says  medical  and  social  scientists  ignoring  the  reality  of  prostitute’s  lives, harming  them  further ( Johnson).

Melissa Farley and Vanessa Kelly  said  in “Prostitution: A Critical Review of the Medical and Social Sciences Literature,” published in the most recent edition of Women and Criminal Justice, a journal of the American Political Science Association. “For the vast  majority of the world’s prostituted women, prostitution is the experience of being hunted, dominated, harassed, assaulted and battered” ( Johnson, Constance. “Prostitution: Not a Victimless Career Choice.” Womens n. pag. 22 Sept. 2000. Web. 07 May 2013).

I  heard  a  lot  of  people  to  say  that  to  legalized  prostitution. I  strongly  disagree  with  it. I  really  don’t  know  what  is  the  real  issue  making  prostitution  legalized. By  legalizing  prostitution  we  will  invite  slavery  in  our  modern society. Do  you  really  want  to  hear  from  a  kid  that “I  want  to  be  a  prostitute  one  day  after  grown  up”? Do  you  want  to  see  teenager  kids  getting  involved  in  prostitution  only  for  the  fantasy  of  sex? Don’t  you  think  by  legalizing  prostitution  we  will  only  able  to  create  some  more  space  for  terrible  things. The  Guardian newspaper  shows  the  same  condition  on  a  legal  brothel  in  Las Vegas. According  to  the  newspaper  there  are  many  women  who  had  a  history  of  being  sexually  abused, and  mental  ill health. There  are  even  many  children  who  were  sexually abused  and  some  of  them  are  bipolar  some  of  them  are  schizophrenic. According  to  this  journal

Investigating the sex industry – even the legal part – can be dangerous. During one visit to a brothel, Farley asked the owner what the women thought of their work. “I was polite,” she writes in her book, “as he condescendingly explained what a satisfying and lucrative business prostitution was for his ‘ladies’. I tried to keep my facial muscles expressionless, but I didn’t succeed. He whipped a revolver out of his waistband, aimed it at my head and said: ‘You don’t know nothing about Nevada prostitution, lady. You don’t even know whether I will kill you in the next five minutes (Bindel).

And  on  the  other  hand  legalizing  prostitution  we  might  destroy  our  young  generation.

The solution, Farley believes, is to educate people about the realities of legalized abuse of women. “Once the people of Nevada learn of [prostitutes’] suffering and emotional distress, and their lack of human rights, they, like me, will be persuaded that legal prostitution is an institution that just can’t be fixed up or made a little better. It has to be abolished.” The prevailing attitude in Nevada remains as (Bindel).

Legalization  of  prostitution  cannot make  any  big  difference. Only  helping  them  to  achieve    a  healthy  honorable  life  can  bring  blessings  to  the  society  and  the  upcoming  generations. Providing  them  different  kind  of  job  training, especial  diploma  for  certain, and  many  other  social  welfare  programs  can  protect  them  from  being  the  dark  part  of  the  society. Let  them  know  their  power  and  strength, help  them  to  come  out  from  those  sufferings  and  create  them  enough  chances  to  take  part  to  rebuild  our  society  and  generation  admirable.

No  one  wants  to  have  any  unbearable  life. Every  life  is  important  and  an  especial  gift. Prostitutes  are  also  the  part  of  this  society, and  they  also  deserve  to  be  happy. Legalizing  prostitution  only  can  bring  some  more  unexpected  sufferings. Government  needs  to  take  some  major  steps  to  help  them  live  a  delighted  life. Rehabilitation  program  also  can  help  to  improve  their  confidence  and  skills. They  need  arrangement  until  they  can  become  strong  and  independent  enough  to  provide  for  themselves  in  a  healthy  way.  Without  the  support  of  the  government  and  the  community  this  problem  cannot  be  handled. If  we  failed  to  help  them  ensure  a  better  future, eventually  we  will  not  be  able  to  ensure  a  safe  and  healthy  society  for   ourselves  and  for  our  upcoming  generations.